Zooming In, Zooming Out

Listening right now to U2's song Your Blue Room. Feel free to hit play on the right side there to set the appropriate atmosphere as you read.

Well, here I am...again.

I sometimes find it interesting that I'm able to communicate thoughts and ideas so much better at times using the written word rather than discussing the very same thing with a person face to face. Perhaps it is because I'm always striving to find that perfect word, that turn of phrase that will guarantee that the principle I'm attempting to articulate will make sense. Unfortunately, when you're talking to another human being you're somewhat limited in the amount of time to choose words.

Don't you wish, though, that more people took the time to choose their words? Is it necessary to respond immediately? How long would it really take to formulate an appropriate and respectful answer?

My faith has been renewed as of late...once again I'm opening the Scriptures and finding such a deep closeness to God. It is truly amazing how a change of focus can change your entire life outlook dramatically. The future is still a foreboding thing in many ways, and yet it doesn't have to be. There is no need to fear at all, really.

I've been thinking a lot about living lately. I don't know about you, reader...but I can't stand the idea of getting a 9-5 job, starting a family, and settling down for the next 50 or so years. I have nothing against these things, in essence...but it seems to be that so many in America these days are living to work rather than working to live, their lives dominated by their paychecks, in an ever increasing desire to make money. God becomes one of many things that fits onto their "to do" list, an obligation rather than a deep relationship. Those less well off or suffering are ignored, and we all go on with our happy little private lives, taking care of us and our own.

I don't want this.