The Economist

One of the big things that troubles me about current American society is how ill-informed many can be about issues going on in the country and especially in the world. The reasons for this are most likely many and varied, but one reason I think this is the case is that many seem to get their news from TV news, and that's all they pay attention to. TV news, in my own opinion, has sunk to a new low as far as providing solid news stories and need only look at the recent Michael Jackson press coverage to see this. When a celebrity's death takes precedence in the news over riots in China, with many dying, a military coup occurring in Honduras, continuing protests in Iran, and drug troubles in Mexico, you begin to question whether the news cares about providing important news stories as much as it does about ratings and money.

I'm not saying that TV news can't work as a way of getting news. But by itself, with nothing else, it falls majorly short. In the days of the Internet that we live in, a solid number of people now get their news by simply going online. This is what I do frequently, and I've actually set the BBC News website as my homepage, so that as soon as I get on the Internet, I can have a quick picture of the top news stories from around the world. The Internet also provides a much quicker avenue to navigate several news sources at one time. If you're willing to take the time and investigate, you can basically get a news story from as many angles as you want. But that's just the have to take the time to do it.

I've just subscribed to The Economist, a fantastic news magazine that I highly recommend. It's an awesome way of getting the top news stories from around the world every week, with insightful and well-written articles on the major stories. Even as the written word, whether in the form of newspapers or magazines, has taken a huge hit in recent days both for economic and technological reasons, I still love to hold onto a physical copy of this magazine and get well written news. I'm old fashioned and like holding the actual story in my hands, OK?

One of the greatest sins that a person can commit, in my view, is to be ignorant of the world around them. It is only by being informed that we can act and live intelligently in this world.