A New Play (Part II)

Just wanted to give an update on this play that I'm working on...

I've decided that the play will mainly be focused on Thomas Jefferson, and will include the writing of the Declaration of Independence. What I'm wanting to do though is put this in a modern setting...so in other words, Thomas Jefferson is a modern revolutionary, trying to bring together these complex ideas in 21st century language. The ambiguous part of it will be that this is still about America breaking away from Great Britain...it just took an extra 250 years for it to happen.

Part of the reason I chose to focus on Jefferson is that of all the original Founders, he remains the most complex and elusive individual of them all. Even though he's one of the most popular, the fact is that people often fail to understand what his political views and principles were. This is most likely why he's my favorite...the more you study him, the more little tidbits and weird little things you discover. To put him onstage with all of his contradictions and complexities would be quite funny and also quite captivating, I think.

This is all still rough in my mind though...so some of this may change. I'm doing a lot of reading on Jefferson right now, including letters and correspondence he wrote, as well as the philosophers like John Locke that he studied in preparation for writing the Declaration.

I've always had a high admiration for Jefferson, even with all of his flaws...so I'm excited about this.