New Things.

I've come to the decision to pursue graduate school in history.  I've been debating it for some time, but I feel that this is where God is leading me right now.  

It's funny how things come into focus as soon as we have a goal to aim at.  Without something to strive toward, we tend to wander or get side-tracked on more minor things.  That's how I've felt for the past few months leading up to now.  It's so good to have this singular focus again, probably for the first time since college.

I've also decided to work on a podcast.  I have a new microphone for it, the software I need, everything is ready to go...the problem is, I haven't done it yet.  Too distracted with other things.  I hate to admit it, but I can be a horrible procrastinator at times.   

Here's the deal...I've come to realize that things don't get done until you strap yourself in and just do them.  That may sound simplistic, but I really think it's true.  I have a stack of 10+ books next to my bed, all partially read.  I have films I still need to watch.  I want to start going to a gym to get back in shape.  The problem is that simply having the knowledge that I need to do all of these things has an end result of me doing NONE of them.  I'm flitting between one thing and the next, never fully committing to finishing that one thing I'm currently on.

What is this called?  Is this simply a lack of focus?  Is it the fact that I'm interested in doing so much, and I'm limited by the time in which to do it?  It is true that I have wide and varied interests, but I don't think that's it.  I think it's really because I'm avoiding the hard work that comes with fully committing to something.  This blog is a perfect example of that, for obvious reasons.  I've left it untended for several months now!

It's time for a change.  In order for my work to get done, I have to commit to doing the hard stuff every single day.  It isn't always pleasant or fun, but it's the only way to make forward progress.  I need to record that first podcast, however bad it might turn out....because it's only then that I can move onto the second one.