There’s a well-known cover of Leonard Cohen’s popular song Hallelujah sung by Jeff Buckley, and I actually just discovered it recently.  I had been aware of the song, and I was also aware of the multitude of covers by various artists, but most agree that Jeff Buckley’s version ranks as one of the best.  Some would say even better than Cohen’s original.

I think Buckley’s cover of this song is probably one of the most beautiful recordings I’ve heard of any piece of music.  From the very first note, it’s as if this song was waiting for Buckley to start singing it.  You can just hear the passion in his voice.  I don’t know the story behind why he chose to sing it for his one and only album entitled Grace, but he nailed it.  Sadly, he passed away in an accidental drowning at age 30, and it’s impossible for us to know what other great songs he might have gone on to record.

But that song, that recording, will always be there.  It’s a lasting memory for the millions and millions who have heard it to hold onto.  It captures the passion of someone doing something he loves.

I believe we are all searching for that…the thing that we wake up in the morning excited to do.  We’re restless to find it…at least I am.  If we could only discover that thing that we love doing, that makes a difference.  We can’t be content sitting behind a desk pushing papers because we weren’t made for that…that isn’t our calling.  We still haven’t found what we’re looking for, in the words of U2.

I don’t mean to say that the practical realities of life are unimportant, because they are.  We all have bills to pay and must ultimately answer to the man, whoever that man is.  But this should never be a barrier to our creativity, our passions, or our joy.  Whatever medium it comes in, whether it’s writing or theatre or painting or something else entirely…we must pursue it.