Writing thoughts.

How is it that the things we’re great at doing, that other people tell us we’re great at, are the most difficult things to do?

We encounter a “resistance” whenever we approach something that we feel called to do.  For me, it’s writing.  For others that I know, it’s probably theatre.  Whatever it is, starting it and then practicing by repetition is usually the only way to get better.  But we struggle as we drag our feet to the starting point.  Often, we will simply walk away from it if we don’t succeed after attempting to start however many times.  However…

If we love it, if we truly love that thing…why aren’t we bringing ourselves to it each day? 

I can’t complain of not having enough time to write…because again, if I truly love it, I will MAKE the time.  Even if it’s only an hour a day.

I’ll sometimes get frustrated with myself, because I make all of these half attempts at learning something new, never devoting my full attention to it.  I might start it, do it a few times, but after a short period it will be forgotten as other things come up.  This drives me crazy!  I hate leaving things half-finished.  You can look next to my bed right now, and see a couple stacks of half-finished books.  It’s a terrible problem.

Anything good in this life takes work…that’s no mystery.  Right now, it’s difficult to find work that I can both enjoy AND get paid for.  But rather than waiting for the perfect job, I’ve decided to do my own work.  Not for long periods of time, just short bursts.  Just enough to know that there’s something which is totally mine that I’m creating, that perhaps may lead to something someday.  I have no guarantee that it will lead anywhere, but I do it regardless.

We should all find something we’re passionate about, and work at it.  It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t lead to a paycheck.  Perhaps it will turn into a blessing for all of humanity to enjoy.