On Unwrapping the Mind and Political Circuses.

I’m very glad to be writing again.  

There are certain types of people who struggle with putting the myriad of thoughts and ideas storming through their head into words.  I would say that I’m one of those people.  When issues regarding projects at work come up with my coworkers, they will often turn to me and ask what I think.  It’s really flattering, of course, but I sometimes have to excuse myself and ask them to come back to me.  It just takes me longer to work through an issue in my head.  I need time for reflection and contemplation.  When I do speak, the ideas rarely come out the way I want them to.

Often, though, I feel that I take in so much information yet rarely put what I’m thinking about it out there.  Writing is my preferred method for doing this, because it gives me time to formulate precisely what I’m thinking.  Writing is how I unwrap my mind.

I recently finished a book by Brene Brown called Daring Greatly (which I referred to in the last post).  The key idea of the book revolves around the need for vulnerability and being open to living wholeheartedly.  According to Brown, it is only by being vulnerable that we can be truly engaged in our lives.  I will admit here that me starting to write again, after 3 years, is my attempt at trying to be more vulnerable.  

In the interest of being vulnerable, the Simpsons video below sums up much of what I think about the 2016 election at this point.  Since I’m a historian, I’m well aware of the ridiculous elections (and the aggressive verbal jousting that took place) of years past.  For example, during John Adams’ presidency he was often referred to as “His Rotundity” by the press.  But in my lifetime at least, this election has just felt like an 11 on the outrageous-meter.  I’m not sure I really trust any of the candidates, and I’m dumbfounded at how Donald Trump has taken control of the Republican Party.  It’s going to be a fascinating book someday…but for right now, it just downright scares me.  What are your thoughts, dear reader?